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We’ve put extra measures in place to create a safe and healthy paradise for you to enjoy. The ALANI WHITSUNDAYS Stay Safe program has been implemented across the business to ensure the safety of our guests and staff.

Alani Whitsundays will comply with social distancing wherever practical, acknowledging that it may be necessary to reduce passenger loads, trip times and distances travelled.

Staff and customers will be encouraged to perform hand hygiene prior to touching any high-touch surfaces to reduce the prospect of contamination. Alani Whitsundays will ensure that all skin-touch surfaces are cleaned regularly using products that meet requirements for effectiveness against COVID-19 and in line with relevant guidelines including;

Dining tables (and chairs if required) will be wiped and cleaned after each customer service. Toilets, basins and bathroom facilities will be cleaned regularly with increased and scheduled frequency where practical.

Gloves are recommended only for specific indications where the prospect of contact with heavily contaminated items is high, such as cleaning of bathrooms or changing of linen. Gloves are to be considered single use, disposed of appropriately and we MUST emphasise that hand hygiene needs to be performed before wearing, and immediately after removal, of gloves. Gloves may be supplied for staff clearing tables (and other tasks), though the risk of contact with contaminated parts of dishes during this process is not considered high. Staff wearing gloves for any process must comply with glove wearing recommendations above.


        If you reside in, or have visited a declared COVID-19 hotspot during the past 14 days, including Victoria, you must not enter Queensland. If this is you, and you arrive at Hamilton Island you will not be granted entry

        If you have just been tested and are self-isolating when you are due to arrive, or if you have tested COVID positive within 14 days before arrival, please don’t travel to Hamilton Island (no change fees attached with a medical certificate)

        If you are displaying cold and flu symptoms you will be asked to self-isolate and to get checked by our Medical Centre team

        In the unlikely event of you testing positive for COVID-19 while you are on Hamilton Island, you will be required to quarantine on the island OR on the Whitsunday mainland, for 14 days, at your own expense

        We suggest getting travel insurance before you travel anywhere, just in case you have to change or cancel plans (our Hamilton Island Reservations Specialists can organise that for you)


        Our Stay Well Program strictly adheres to the COVID Safe Directives of the Queensland Chief Health Officer

        There are hand sanitiser stations indoors and outdoors onboard M.Y ALANI

        Gloves are available upon request

        Compendium and magazines have been removed from communal guest areas

        Our areas are set for one person for every four-square metres indoors/ outdoors

        We practise the 1.5m social distance rule where practical

        We practise all social distancing measures at all of our onshore/ offshore activities


        We conduct frequent regular cleaning of all areas

        We have implemented frequent cleaning of all rooms with special attention paid to high touch surfaces, bathrooms and floors

        Our linen laundering processes follow the global WHO Safety Guidelines 

        We’ve implemented a ‘Clean as You Go’ Program – all team members clean the surfaces they pass frequently as they move about their day 


        Guests displaying cold and flu symptoms will be asked to self-isolate and to get checked by our Medical Centre team

        COVID-19 testing kits are available at the Hamilton Island Medical Centre to ensure any suspected cases can be confirmed swiftly 

        Quick and comprehensive case management protocol including the facilitation of island-based isolation, testing and quarantine if required

        There are specially trained cleaning staff on island available for post exposure cleaning if necessary

        The Hamilton Island first responder, medical, safety and security staff have completed the Australian Department of Health COVID-19 Infection Control Training


        Cashless payment is required

        Contactless menus only available

stay safe